Posted on September 12, 2013 by appinions

The Future of Marketing {influence study}

What’s on the horizon for marketers? What strategy elements will propel companies ahead of others in the ever-changing media landscape? What strengths and skills will CMOs need to thrive? These are just a few of the questions we explore in our latest study.

In conjunction with The Future of Marketing Summit presented by Financial Times Live taking place today, this influence study explores the companies and executives who are shaping influential conversations in some of the most pressing issues driving the future of marketing. Based on the conference discussion topics, we’ve chosen to analyze the influencers and key themes in big data, mobile strategy, social media and the changing role of the CMO.

You may be wondering what your company can learn from this study, to which there are several answers. If these areas of marketing are core to your business objectives, get a pulse on where your executives stand as thought leaders or influencers in the space. Or get insights into how your company stacks up against the competition on these topics through the lens of influence. For event marketers, knowing the leading influential companies and executives on these topics that challenge today’s marketers can help inform whom to invite as speakers or as attendees, providing for a richer program.

Dive into our report to see:

  • The emerging thought leaders who pose a potential threat to the CMO in the executive suite;
  • The marketing topic with an overwhelming share of influence;
  • The chiefs of big data in the marketing space (hint: it’s not all about the tech companies);
  • The companies that capture everyone’s ear in mobile marketing; and
  • The next wave of social media marketing.

You can download your own copy by clicking below.

Future of Marketing Influence Study_Sept 2013