Posted on January 22, 2013 by appinions

Use Pinterest to Build Influencer Relationships

Pinterest is no social media afterthought. Instead, it’s a rapidly growing social media site that holds great promise for brands. Sure, it doesn’t yet have the same pull as the giants called Facebook or Twitter, but there’s no denying that it’s up and coming. As reports, using stats from The Social Habit, Pinterest has nearly the same usage as LinkedIn, despite the fact that LinkedIn has been around for longer; there’s only about a 5 percent difference. And over 50 percent of Pinterest users access the site on a daily basis. What’s more, Pinterest is third in line of the networks most widely used by women aged 18 to 44, and nearly 30 percent of users have decided to purchase a product after viewing it on another user’s pinboard.

Stats like these make it obvious that Pinterest is an attractive site for businesses but not just for the reasons you may imagine. Though it does provide a way to reach out to consumers, it can also prove particularly helpful for reaching out to influencers.

Ways to Use Pinterest to Build Influencer Relationships

● Repin and Comment: So you’re putting effort into locating your target audience and engaging on Pinterest? You’re definitely on the right track. However, you’re doing your business a disservice if you just stop there. You can also use the site to locate online influencers who already have the attention of your target audience and engage with them. Start by following them and repinning the content you like. Go ahead and like their pins and make thoughtful comments. This can be a good first step in relationship building. Basically, you’re making your way onto their radars.
● Use Your Boards: As you may know, a board is a collection of pins. You can use your boards as part of your campaign to build influencer relationships. Pin the high-quality content of the online influencers with whom you want to connect and engage. Be sure to choose high-quality pins that have generated a good level of activity, including repinning, liking, and commenting.
● Group Boards: Group boards allow you to use Pinterest as a collaborative tool. Invite online influencers to contribute to the group board you create. (Here are some instructions for creating your own group board). This is a great way to engage online influencers AND create high-quality content that draws more attention for your brand. You’ll want to choose a theme of interest to your target audience and invite the influencer to work with you to curate around the theme. Remember to include keywords, content relevant for your audience, unique content, and stunning visuals.
● Promotions and Contests: Create a promotion or contest that appeals to your audience and the online influencer’s readership. But don’t go through the whole process of creating the promotion before getting the online influencer involved. Instead, invite the influencer to get involved from the beginning, helping with not only the creation of the contest but also the promotion of it. You might even get some serious traction by making the contest exclusively available to the influencer’s readers.

Contest Ideas for Your Pinterest Influencers

● Each contestant creates a pinboard related to your business or topic. You and the influencer choose the best pinboard, and its creator wins the contest.
● You and the online influencer create a Pinterest sweepstakes and provide images for contestants to repin. You and the influencer choose a random winner.
● You and the influencer provide images the contestants can repin. You choose the winner based on the highest number of likes and repins.

Of course, be sure that any contest or sweepstakes you create has sufficient rules and legalese behind it. Beyond that, have fun and get creative!

Do you have other ideas for engaging influencers via Pinterest? Share with us!