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Top Influence Marketing News: Attack of the Post Series

We’ve got a bevy of information on our hands for this week’s Top Influence Marketing News. In fact, I’m contemplating dubbing this week’s roundup: Attack of the Post Series.

Combining a two-post series on social influence and the final post in an epic five-parter from Copyblogger may seem a little reckless, but I’m all about laying out the cards with the best that influence marketing has to offer. This, combined with insights on our recently infamous FSU professor and his adventures with Klout, and you have a recipe for a heck of a roundup post this week.


Florida State University class using Klout to determine student grades

This story has drawn equal ire and buzz from the social media and influence marketing community. Todd Bacile, a Florida State University doctoral candidate in marketing and the instructor of Electronic Marketing in the College of Business, has created quite the media storm with his decision to use Klout as a key components in his student’s grades.

Todd’s guest post on Mark Schaefer’s {Grow} blog discusses his research on why Klout matters to employers, offering some very interesting statistics and trends, as well as outlining his plan to model social media engagement in the classroom.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect is that Todd’s idea for this course grew from a conversation with a marketing agency’s hiring manager, to which Todd asked: “What is the minimum Klout score a college student can have and still be considered for an internship at your firm?”

Read the full article from Todd Bacile on {Grow} – Florida State University class using Klout to determine student grades

How Not To Engage The Top 100 Most Influential ‘Mommy Bloggers’

As another good example of influence marketing gone wrong, Maria Bailey, CEO of BSM Media and author of Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Piece of the Trillion Dollar Market, offers her take on the failed outreach model of engaging mommy bloggers.

This weekend, the buzz in the social media mom playground was not a hot new product or clever advertising campaign. It was centered on a new list titled, “Global Top 100 Mommy Bloggers to Treat and Pamper In 2012”.

Maria posted her thoughts to the list on Facebook, asking her friends to share their thoughts on the list and the campaign behind it.

According to Bailey, it didn’t take very long for her misgivings about it to be validated by other moms, who like us here at Appinions, agree that it’s the epitome of “wrong approach” to engaging influential lifestyle bloggers (cough … mommy bloggers).

In fact, we cover the shortcomings of targeting mommy bloggers in our free e-book, Why Targeting Mommy Bloggers is a Broken Outreach Model.

Read Maria Bailey’s full take on the mommy blogger list at Media Post – How Not To Engage The Top 100 Most Influential ‘Mommy Bloggers’

Marketing Land: Can Social Influence Be Distilled Into A Score?

In a two part series on social influence, Marketing Land contributor Sean Carlos jumps into the discussion on whether social influence can be captured in a score.

In Part 1 – The Potential, he tackles “planning a campaign to stimulate word of mouth discussion of a product or a brand.” In this post, Carlos focuses on defining online influence and how it works, how the scoring systems of personal influence platforms like Klout and Kred operate, influencer identification and more.

In Part 2 – Potential Pitfalls, he discusses perks programs and partnerships that aim to “keep influencers in the game,” as well as endorsements within scoring systems, influence data sources and much more.

Overall, this two-post series offers a lot of depth with an “under the hood” approach to dissecting social influence.

Read the full series at Marketing Land – Can Social Influence Be Distilled Into A Score? Part I, The Potential and Can Social Influence Be Distilled Into A Score? Part 2 – Potential Pitfalls

A 10-Point Plan for Connecting with Online Influencers (Without Turning into a Suck-Up)

Sonia Simon and Copyblogger offer up their final post in the “Content Connections” series with a lesson on how to establish high-quality, lasting connections with influential people online and widen the audience for your own content, minus the sucking up part of the equation.

Sonia does a nice job of pulling the debate out of the realm of algorithms and platforms and processes, and into the one thing that matters most to building online influence: People.

She starts the post by outlining the 3 foundational blocks to start making these connections, namely from a position of strength. She then offers seven additional do’s and don’t, and a few cautionary statements to boot, to help brands and individuals alike approach outreach the right way.

Read Sonia Simone’s full article on Copyblogger – A 10-Point Plan for Connecting with Online Influencers (Without Turning into a Suck-Up)

Will the Real Conversation Agents Step up?

Valerie Maltoni opines on the great big elephant in the room that most in marketing and PR would agree is a vital component of influence.

While she’s not necessarily talking directly about influence or influence measurement, I think Maltoni presents an important distinction between true influence and superficial.

Conversation, and the content and actions that impact it, is exactly where we often miss the influence bus as it passes us by. Instead of pounding emails from cold lists with an avalanche of irrelevant product pitches, or worse, missiling bad content into internet space and expecting influence to find its way back to you, we can look to how we contribute and impact conversation as an active participant in the process.

Or as Maltoni states with conviction:

Conversation with the right intent, or influence, is about turning together, connecting. Conversation is the opportunity.

You don’t get that just from throwing content over the fence. You need to go along with it and be present as the active ingredient.

Read the full article – Will the Real Conversation Agents Step up?


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