Posted on March 17, 2012 by appinions

Digital Influence Requires Good Intentions and Action

It seems that anyone looking to gain influence or connect with influencers needs a combination of good intentions and activity. The good intentions part is really what separates influence from traditional marketing, communications and advertising. Social media users are incredibly savvy, and if you are not doing things right they will know it.

Intentions might be a loose term, but when creating a digital strategy that includes influence (which it should) you have consider intentions. At the very least, consider how your intentions will be interpreted.

Free giveaways to influencers can fall under the intentions category. You need to incentivize your digital tactics especially those which involve influencers. This being said, consider what is of value to influencers beyond what is a giveaway that makes sense for your brand. By putting the influencer first, you are executing tactics with perceived good intentions.

Brands also have to make sure they are clear about their intentions to find advocates. An advocates’ job isn’t to just make sure you are known (this belongs more to the media), but to ensure they use their influence to its full power of persuasion. They advocate on your behalf, but they do not preach.

After your intention is cemented, your actions have to follow. A high level of targeted and strategic action is necessary in the world of digital influence. This might sound obvious but as of now there are more failed campaigns because of this simple fact.

The marriage of good intention and action is a must for any successful digital influencer campaign.