Posted on December 15, 2011 by appinions

What’s Your Influence Gap?

As brands focus on building relationships with various stakeholders and share content about what they are doing, their ability to discover and enter into targeted conversations with influencers is becoming increasingly important.

As part of this process, an important issue is getting a clear handle on how many and how loudly these influencers are talking about your brand, products or services, your industry sector, and the competition.

Being able to benchmark this activity and measure it over time can help brands determine the success of their communications, marketing and sales activities, and provides the insight and intelligence to quickly make strategic and tactical changes.

To help brands get a competitive handle on what’s happening with influencers and their relationships with them, Appinions has created a new methodology called the “Influence GapTM” that quickly and accurately identifies how many and how loudly influencers are talking about a brand, its sector or industry, and the competition.

The Influence GapTM helps brands perform topic based analysis in order to effectively establish relationships and engage with these key influencers. The lower the Influence GapTM, the better your brand is doing.

The Influence GapTM is based on the results generated from the Appinions Influencer Exchange, patent-pending technology developed at Cornell University that extracts and aggregates opinions from millions of newspaper and magazine articles, blog posts, tweets, forums and radio and television transcripts.

Our technology not only pulls in people who are creating content but the thought and opinion leaders attracting the most attention and coverage.

Leveraging the power of opinions, we determine how many influencers are talking about you and their discussion about your brand. Having a “low” Influence GapTM means many influencers are talking loudly about your brand relative to the sector or your competitors.

Our topic-based approach is unique and, as important, provides brands with the flexibility to focus on the people and conversations that are the most important and relevant to them.

Using Appinions, brands like Land Rover could create a core topic: “Range Rover”, and then determine the Influence GapTM against topics such as “SUV sector”, competitors like “BMW”, and issues such as “recycling” or “hybrid”.

A key feature within the Influence GapTM analysis is the ability to identify common influencers between different topics. In effect, the brands can be given a marketing road map on the most efficient way to improve their standing.

The Influence GapTM is a powerful and unique approach to the influence marketplace because it provides brands with accurate, real-time and actionable information.

The ability to continually see how influencers are talking about your brand over time and how often they are doing it, provides critical insight strategically and tactically in today’s environment where every marketing dollar counts!

To learn more about the Influence GapTM, please join us on December 16, at 12 PM (EST) for a Webinar, which will be hosted by Appinions co-founder and CEO Larry Levy as he introduces the Influence Gap and goes through its features.

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